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Innovative One-To-One Casino Marketing

It’s the personal touch that makes top players feel important and builds loyalty. Teuteberg has been providing innovative casino marketing strategies, direct mail, eMedia services, and database analytic services to the gaming industry for years. We’re proud to have more than 25+ casinos throughout the US as clients.

Teuteberg can handle all aspects of a casino direct marketing campaign including:

  • Overall strategic and tactical player development
  • Personalized variable data email and direct mail
  • Fully custom database marketing analytics and reporting

Customized Analytics Reporting

At Teuteberg, we know the success of casino gaming marketing hinges on the ability to segment and tier your players effectively. Knowing what segments are performing up to expectations, as well as those underperforming, is critical to overall profitability.  Having the data and reporting to assist in decision making is a crucial aspect of database marketing and one that, over time, will drive significant revenue increases.

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