About Us 

Remarkably relevant & completely data-driven

Teuteberg Incorporated is the beating heart of hundreds of casinos, non-profits, associations and memberships, intelligently in the background, every single day.

  Why Us  

Every interaction is important to us

We bring together brands and customers via deep insights and frictionless production. Our seamless, in-house process ensures you achieve remarkable results with every interaction.

 Company Highlights 

Mastering the art
of lifecycle marketing


Personalized direct mailers annually


Average client return on marketing spending


Years of client success


Less than 6 weeks to launch the first campaign and to initial value


Customized member kits fulfilled annually


Average smart audience segments per client

 Lasting Heritage 

44+ years of Innovation

In 1978, Hank Teuteberg saw that computer technology was going places, and founded H.R. Teuteberg & Associates, now known as Teuteberg Incorporated. Originally, the company developed new services for early technology adaptors and produced business forms. Now under the leadership of Hank’s son, Matt, the company has evolved into an industry leader in marketing services, direct mail, and database analytics.   Innovation in marketing services is what has driven our company from the very beginning. Our founder, Hank Teuteberg may have said it best, “Our secret to success is the passion that we began with. We are focused on what our customers need and we always look for ways to add value to those relationships.”   This passion for excellence is what drives us to continue to be leaders in our industry. From direct mail, printing & fulfillment, to database analytics and digital media, Teuteberg continues to deliver high quality services that produce results. And our dedication to customer service leads us to working closely with our customers, helping to define their needs and developing a plan to achieve their goals.   “Our industry is constantly changing which drives us to look for new and better ways to do business, while creating greater value for our customers,” says Matt, President of Teuteberg Incorporated. “In business, as in life, you get one chance to make a strong first impression. Real success is reinforcing it each and every time. We do that. All of our employees share this passion and vision. That’s why it’s truly inspiring to come to work every day.”

A single, complete
marketing suite

Our solutions provide a one-stop-shop for your entire customer journey.

Marketing Strategy & Development

We take advantage of the full range of omnichannel marketing tools, so you don’t miss out on revenue.

Audience Segmentation

With our Smart Audience Segmentation®, we take millions of data points to develop personalized messages for everyone.

Digital Marketing

We take advantage of the full range of omnichannel marketing tools, so you don’t miss out on revenue.



We actively monitor & analyze hundreds of data points. The result: personalized marketing, meaningful connections, & revenue growth


Direct Mail, Print,

& Fulfillment

We offer personalized direct mail, kit fulfillment, web-to-print services, and more! The best part? Everything is done in-house.


We Provide Solutions For

Maximize the entire customer journey for everyone in your database with the best-in-class team.

Casino Gaming

Acquire, re-activate, and retain all the players in your database.

Non Profit

Give your donors a remarkable experience. 


Journey with your alumni like never

before with lifecycle marketing.

Membership & Association

Engage at precisely the right moment, with the right offer, all year round.

Consumer Brands

Unify the entire customer journey from discovery to repeat customer.


Unlock the power of lifecycle

engagement marketing.

 Your Partner 

Your Team, with 100x Power

Working with Teuteberg means partnership. Our team of account executives to data scientist, to marketing strategist, to product floor personnel, all join together to execute your marketing. That means 100x power for your business.

Your Expert Team At Teuteberg Includes


Account executives drive efficiency across entire marketing strategy all year round. Their priority is performance and growth for each of our clients.

Account Managers

Our account managers are with you from kickoff to really develop a relationship. They are your point person handling all campaign management.


Marketing strategists work closely with account executives to build the best growth marketing strategy to increase the bottom-line for your organization.

Data Scientists
& Data Analysts

Our data team executes on marketing strategy, drives business decisions, and develops unique and powerful marketing segmentation for all our clients.

Operations &
Production Team

Our product team are problem solvers, helping deploy complex marketing strategies with excellence, accuracy, and timeliness.


Our Accounting team ensures that all AC/AP are flowing and on time.

 Company Values 



We value your audience as if they were our own audience. We act like owners and operate from a place of partnership. We satisfy and exceed our customers’ expectations.


Innovation is not a nice-to-have; it’s essential. The world is constantly changing. We push for the best ideas across the latest technology and trends.


We deliver at the highest standards to 

meet customer requirements and to strive to exceed customer expectations, every time & on time.


We value our team and their contributions. Everyone is proactive in every part of the process and enthusiastic about their role. It’s foundational to our client success.

Data Driven

We make powerful decisions, driven by data. We are in the business of collecting accurate data, finding deep insights, and executing with excellence.

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journey today