In order for your donors to continue supporting your cause, they need to be reminded of how important they are to you. We are able to do that through personalized and quality communication. We are here to be your strategic partners for everything from sending personalized birthday cards, to e-media correspondents, to sending fulfillment kits, and more.

Touchpoint Marketing

We use a tactic called touchpoint marketing to reach out to donors at the exact right moments. This may involve sending out an e-media message or letter on a few key dates when someone may be inclined to donate, encouraging them to give. Whatever the case may be, Teuteberg offers a scalable solution for many different types of non-profit organizations. Touchpoint marketing keeps your mission in front of donors at the moments when it’s most important.

Knowing Your Donor

Getting to know your donor is a cornerstone to retaining their loyalty. Donors want to feel appreciated and recognized for helping to make a difference. At Teuteberg we use data to discover how we can best encourage people to remain loyal supporters.


We can use your mailing list and past donor information to determine who is most likely to give and the amounts they are most likely to give. We can then personalize marketing materials, such as a mailer or email, to fit each person’s giving history. This customized approach results in much higher donation rates and therefore better supports your organization.

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